PhaseRx, Inc. Presents at 1st International mRNA Health Conference October 23-24, 2013, Tübingen, Germany

October 2013

SMARTT Polymer Technology® Targets and Delivers mRNA to the Liver

PhaseRx SMARTT Polymer Technology® has previously been shown to effectively deliver siRNA to hepatocytes in the liver using an N-acetylgalactosamine targeting group. For mRNA delivery, a similar targeted multi-domain polymer has been developed. The mRNA and polymer self-assemble into a 70 nm nanoparticle. The mRNA condensation assessed by SYBRGold assay showed that 26% of the mRNA is dye inaccessible, indicating a strong interaction between the polymer and the mRNA. The mRNA formulation is freeze-thaw stable and imparts serum stability to the mRNA. Mice injected intravenously with polymer formulated FLUC mRNA showed luciferase expression specific to the liver 2-3 logs above background.

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